Tuesday, January 26, 2010

3 idiots - All ijj well.

A bird told me that Cambridge was hosting the 3 idiots. It meant that we would wander over the few 100 meters to the theatre on a lazy Sunday afternoon. There was no room for us in the theatre. What ? A hindi movie and house full in Cambridge, you must be kidding right ?

It was time to put the record straight - resolutions were made - improving the compiler could wait for a day, dinner out , movie at 645 p.m., leave nothing to chance - book tickets online , buy dinner at the Friendly neighbourhood Subway and let's try and catch it. At the end of 3 hours All ijj well , nothing like a cannily crafted movie with enough subtleties to leave an audience tittering and holding their stomachs as though gongura (or the Faal for the more of my British readers) had gone through it ! Painful ecstacy !

There were some traditional jokes which were very well conveyed including a metaphor passing as a Sanskrit verse ! It was situational comedy at it's very best , a genre being perfected by Rajkumar Hirani - as the NDTV review says (read in hindsight) , this truly is Munna Bhai Part 3. Despite all the controversy about 3 idiots and 5 point someone, one must say that the genesis might come from the book , but the screenplay and plot in this is totally different from the book and probably is far better in its conceptualization. Also the true hero for me isn't Aamir Khan or Madhavan or Boman Irani but Sharman Joshi as Raju Rastogi. True there are exaggerations with inventions out of no-where but who says it's not possible.

If you haven't seen it already , go watch it - enjoy it and probably relive some of your college days - for anyone who's seen any form of hostel life this will ring some wonderful bells and remind you of times long past and incidents that will bring a smile to your face. Everyone will remember a Chatur Ramalingam , a Rancho of the class, a Raju Rastogi , initial ragging for the class and a Viru Sahastrabuddhe !

At the end of the day - All ijj well .......

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