Saturday, February 27, 2010

Yeah yeah I was there when Mr. Tendulkar hit 200

Yeah yeah, me my uncle , my mother and everyone else's chacha were there when Sir Tendlya, the boss of cricket scored a 200. We were all there when the following events also happened.

100 - Headingley 1990 England - Test drawn
114 - Perth - 1991 Australia - India lost.
155 - Chennai - 1998 Australia - India won.
136 - Chennai - 1999 Pakistan - India lost.
98 - Centurion - 2003 Pakistan - India won.
241 - Sydney - 2003 Australia - India won.
Last over - Calcutta - 1994 South Africa - India Won. (The Hero cup semi-final)
5-36 - Kochi - 1998 Australia - India won.
143 - Sharjah - 1998 Australia - India won.
117 - Sydney ? - 2008 Australia - India won. (Finals of the CB Series)
175 - Hyderabad - 2009 Australia - India lost.
163 - Chennai - 2008 - England - India won.

And like most Indians we cheered loud and clear. Reading about it on websites left one slightly disgruntled at planning regulations. The BCCI's speed at removing highlights videos from youtube for copyright claims left one wondering about efficiencies. Finally finding an opportunity to watch it now leaves one contented after a long week's work and getting the chance to visualize certain comments.

The beautiful flick of the wrists that got a boundary from outside off stump to the midwicket boundary. The non-chalant flick from outside off stump to the midwicket boundary to move from 162 to 168. The double to go past a certain Mr. Anwar who got 194 with a runner in Madras on a humid day in 1997.

But on this day - all ijj well, the cold disappears ever so slightly , the sun appears to stay out longer (only till 5:45 p.m.) - the best batsman in the world has 200 off 147 balls. However the wife, who's typically agnostic to cricket forwarded me an analysis possibly also seen by millions others.

If only we were so demanding of the road contractors after the monsoons in Pune...

It certainly does look like this man is on a mission - a mission to win the 2011 world cup. All ye cricket fans plan your vacations in advance, there is only one place to be in 2011.

P.S. It sounds as though cricinfo has ordered some Tendulkar servers ...

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